Case Film


Newspaper circulation has been steadily declining in Japan, and many young people these days don’t read news in print anymore. We tried to attract the interest of young people toward newspapers and newspaper ads.


74 newspapers worked together and placed 74 different types of full-page color ads, all on the same day. We launched a campaign where people could read the complete message of the advertisement by connecting all 74 ads(letters) in order.


12,000tweets in 9days │ Over 35million impressions, worth $9.7million of earned media

Ads were photographed by the young and were posted on social media, revealing the message little by little on a website that synchronizes with Twitter. And finally, Japan became connected, demonstrating the possibility of newspapers and newspaper ads. The campaign took over social media, and mass media publications. The ads even became a collector’s item for sale on a flea market apps. We have proved that newspapers and newspaper ads will revive people’s interest as a media of a new age.


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